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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


On the Road to 2008

The Democrats

No mud slinging....yet. The contenders are doing their thing, jockeying for position, with Senator Hillary Clinton (NY) at the head of the pack followed by Senator Barack Obama (IL). Do they excite you ? Is there one who sounds different than other politicians who have gone through it before them ? To be fair one must face the fact that the process allows them little room for being outside the mainstream. The issues and the voters require the candidates to follow the beaten path.

Although she is low on my list I'll vote for Senator Clinton if she wins the nomination. Senator Obama, too, has failed to make much of an impression. Where I'm concerned, it is John Edwards of North Carolina whose voice rises above the din. Yesterday, the presidential contenders appeared at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, for a debate. International Herald Tribune reported:

Twittering Musafir

Explored twittering web sites. Full of chatter, most of it just that....chatter. There is need for some people to be able to say things off the top of their heads and twittering sites offer them the platform for doing so. The process is evolving and could be an important part of the world wide web.



Agree with your assessment. However, with the way things are currently going, we might have a semi-grisly surprise ending just when you thought no one was looking: Ron Paul.

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