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Monday, February 04, 2008


Smirk's Last Gift

The Bush Budget * Secularists in Turkey Protest Headscarf Law

The self-described compassionate conservative president's 3.1 trillion budget announced today is awash in red ink but protects his pet tax cuts and includes an 8.1 increase for "security funding in the areas of the budget controlled by annual appropriations" (AP).

The usual mumbo jumbo accompanied the announcement of the budget.
Yes, there are spending cuts......"$196 billion in savings over the next five years in the government's giant health care programs — Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor." The programs -- entitlements, according to Republicans -- face reductions while targeted tax cuts that benefit a very small percentage of people at the top of the income pyramid are needed for "continued prosperity".

See full report by the Associated Press

Doublespeak, smoke and mirrors ? They are hallmarks of the Bush administration.
Secularist Turks Oppose Headscarf Law

Current Turkish government is dominated by conservative Muslims. The BBC reported:

Thousands of Turks have rallied in Ankara to protest against a government plan to allow women to wear the Islamic headscarf in Turkish universities.

The protestors fear such a move would usher in a stricter form of Islam in Turkey, which is a secular state.

Turkey's parliament is expected to approve a constitutional amendment to ease the ban next week.

Fundamentalists -- no matter whether they are Muslims, Christians, or Hindus -- have the same mindset. The plan by the so called "devout" Muslims in Turkey is along the same line as attempts by conservative Christians here in the United States to support mandatory prayers in school and display of Ten Commandments and other symbols on public grounds.

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