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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The Infamous John C. Yoo Back in the Spotlight

Justifying Torture * Women's Right to Choose

Thought we had read and heard enough about John Yoo. But, no. Two recent reports highlighted his nefarious role in Bush-Cheney administration.

What would be a fitting epitaph for such a man?

"He blindly served his president and never encountered a law that he couldn't bend to justify torture of prisoners and abuse of our Constitution".

And John C. Yoo is law professor at Berkeley!


Dan Eggen and Josh White in The Washington Post April 2, 2008

Laws Didn't Apply to Interrogators
James Oliphant in The Baltimore Sun

April 1, 2008
Further reading: Naomi Klein's The True Purpose of Torture

Pro Choice? Yes

Michael Gerson's hit piece in the Post ,"Obama's Abortion Extremism", like all other pro-life arguments does not mention what happens after the birth. Do the pro-lifers who march on streets and argue passionately against abortion spend the same amount of time aiding the infants of unwanted pregnancies? "Abortion" sounds dirty and so they adopted it. The issue is women's right to choose....a right that should never be taken away under threat of punishment.


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