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Monday, March 10, 2008


Casualties In Iraq

Bush's War * Et tu, Spitzer!

As the presidential candidates try to bring their opponents down by capitalizing every misstep, accentuating the negative in every speech and, in the process, proving that behind the facade they are all cut from the same cloth, one issue that appears to have receded into the background is the war in Iraq that was foisted on us in 2003 by the Bush administration.

Last week, the Senate held a hearing about costs of the war. Do not expect much from it. McCain blithely talks about a "hundred-year war". Soldiers are still dying. With the deaths of five soldiers in Baghdad today the total number of U.S. casualties is nearing 4,000.
  • BAGHDAD, March 10 (Reuters) - Five U.S. soldiers were killed and three others wounded in a bomb blast in central Baghdad on Monday, the U.S. military said, in the worst single attack on U.S. forces in Baghdad in months.
Most of our elected representatives have moved on to other matters. Deaths in Iraq no longer receive the attention they deserve.....except by the families of soldiers. But they,too, appear to meekly accept the situation. Some of them believe that the deaths are for a noble cause; others remain silent out of a sense of futility about their ability to do anything to stop it; voices of those who speak out against the war are not loud enough.
"They say: 'Our deaths are not ours: they are yours,
they will mean what you make of them'."
---Archibald MacLeish (The Young Dead Soldiers)


Eliot Spitzer

The last thing the Democrats needed was a scandal involving a prominent politician. But it happened and now the inevitable fallout will take its course.

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