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Friday, May 02, 2008


G.W. Bush and Hillary Clinton


Something in Common

"This is an impressive crowd. The haves and the have-mores. Some people call you the elite. I call you my base." (G.W. Bush,Al Smith Dinner, Waldorf Astoria 10/19/2000).

No surprise; it was to be expected from Bush. And his base did send him to the White House....twice. The surprise was reading about Hillary Clinton's appearance on the O'Reilly Factor.

The Huffington Post April 30, 2008
The War Goes On

Haven't come across any statement by Hillary Clinton about the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. She was a supporter of the war and would like that record to disappear. Dana Milbank in the Post has a report about Bush's avoidance of the anniversary. Like Hillary Clinton's vote for the war, images of the large banner, "Mission Accomplished", cannot be buried and forgotten.
  • Now, after half a trillion dollars and the deaths of 4,000 troops and tens of thousands of Iraqis, the president's spin doctors have waved the white flag of surrender over the USS Abraham Lincoln episode. "President Bush is well aware that the banner should have been much more specific, and said mission accomplished for these sailors who are on this ship on their mission," White House press secretary Dana Perino told reporters this week.
  • That excuse didn't pass the laugh test yesterday morning, when a CNN reporter asked Murtha about it. Murtha shook his head and gave a disgusted sigh as audience members chuckled. "It's almost beyond my belief that they would think anybody would believe that," he finally said. "I'm sure the White House didn't tell [her] to say that," he added, charitably. "I'm sure that was offhand."

  • Even John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, piled on. "I thought it was wrong at the time," he said -- an effective tactic until the Democrats dug up footage of him from 2003 supporting the Mission Accomplished message.

The Dead of April

Travis L. Griffin, 27, Air Force Staff Sergeant, Apr 03, 2008 Dover, Delaware
Jeremiah E. McNeal, 23, Air National Guard Staff Sergeant, Apr 06, 2008 Norfolk, Virginia
Ulises Burgos-Cruz, 29, Army Captain, Apr 06, 2008 Not reported yet, Puerto Rico
Matthew T. Morris, 23, Army Specialist, Apr 06, 2008 Cedar Park, Texas
Shane D. Penley, 19, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 06, 2008 Sauk Village, Illinois
Stephen K. Scott, 54, Army Colonel, Apr 06, 2008 New Market, Alabama
Stuart A. Wolfer, 36, Army Major, Apr 06, 2008 Coral Springs, Florida
Emanuel Pickett, 34, Army National Guard Staff Sergeant, Apr 06, 2008 Teachey, North Carolina
Jason C. Kazarick, 30, Army Specialist, Apr 07, 2008 Oakmont, Pennsylvania
Michael T. Lilly, 23, Army Sergeant, Apr 07, 2008 Boise, Idaho
Timothy M. Smith, 25, Army Sergeant, Apr 07, 2008 South Lake Tahoe, California
Richard A. Vaughn, 22, Army Sergeant, Apr 07, 2008 San Diego, California
Jeffery L. Hartley, 25, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 08, 2008 Hempstead, Texas
Mark E. Rosenberg, 32, Army Major, Apr 08, 2008 Miami Lakes, Florida
Anthony L. Capra, 31, Air Force Technical Sergeant, Apr 09, 2008 Hanford, California
Jesse A. Ault, 28, Army Sergeant, Apr 09, 2008 Dublin, Virginia
Jacob J. Fairbanks, 22, Army Specialist, Apr 09, 2008 Saint Paul, Minnesota
Jeremiah C. Hughes, 26, Army Specialist, Apr 09, 2008 Jacksonville, Florida
Shaun P. Tousha, 30, Army Sergeant, Apr 09, 2008 Hull, Texas
Merlin German, 22, Marine Sergeant, Apr 11, 2008 Manhattan, New York
William E. Allmon, 25, Army Specialist, Apr 12, 2008 Ardmore, Oklahoma
Arturo Huerta-Cruz, 23, Army Specialist, Apr 14, 2008 Clearwater, Florida
Joseph A. Richard III, 27, Army Sergeant, Apr 14, 2008 Lafayette, Louisiana
Richard J. Nelson, 23, Marine Reserve Corporal, Apr 14, 2008 Racine, Wisconsin
Dean D. Opicka, 29, Marine Reserve Lance Corporal, Apr 14, 2008 Waukesha, Wisconsin
Jason L. Brown, 29, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 17, 2008 Magnolia, Texas
Benjamin K. Brosh, 22, Army Specialist, Apr 18, 2008 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Lance O. Eakes, 25, Army Specialist, Apr 18, 2008 Apex, North Carolina
Cherie L. Morton, 40, Navy Petty Officer 1st Class, Apr 20, 2008 Bakersfield, California
Steven J. Christofferson, 20, Army Specialist, Apr 21, 2008 Cudahy, Wisconsin
Adam J. Kohlhaas, 26, Army Sergeant, Apr 21, 2008 Perryville, Missouri
Matthew R. Vandergrift, 28, Marine 1st Lieutenant, Apr 21, 2008 Littleton, Colorado
Adrian M. Campos, 22, Navy Airman Apprentice, Apr 21, 2008 El Paso, Texas
Ronald R. Harrison, 25, Army Private, Apr 22, 2008 Morris Plains, New Jersey
Jordan C. Haerter, 19, Marine Lance Corporal, Apr 22, 2008 Sag Harbor, New York
Jonathan T. Yale, 21, Marine Corporal, Apr 22, 2008 Burkeville, Virginia
John T. Bishop, 22, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 23, 2008 Gaylord, Michigan
Ronald C. Blystone, 34, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 23, 2008 Springfield, Missouri
Timothy W. Cunningham, 26, Army 1st Lieutenant, Apr 23, 2008 College Station, Texas
Guadalupe Cervantes Ramirez, 26, Army Sergeant, Apr 23, 2008 Mohave Valley, Arizona
Shaun J. Whitehead, 24, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 24, 2008 Commerce, Georgia
William T. Dix, 32, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 27, 2008 Culver City, California
Adam L. Marion, 26, Army Private 1st Class, Apr 28, 2008 Mount Airy, North Carolina
Marcus C. Mathes, 26, Army Sergeant, Apr 28, 2008 Zephyrhills, Florida
David P. McCormick, 26, Army Specialist, Apr 28, 2008 Fresno, Texas
Mark A. Stone, 22, Army Sergeant, Apr 28, 2008 Buchanan Dam,, Texas
Bryan E. Bolander, 26, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 29, 2008 Bakersfield, California
Clay A. Craig, 22, Army Staff Sergeant, Apr 29, 2008 Mesquite, Texas
Andrew. R. Pearson, 32, Army Captain, Apr 30, 2008 Billings, Montana
Ronald J. Tucker, 21, Army Specialist, Apr 30, 2008 Fountain, Colorado

Source: iCasualties.org

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