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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Rambling On Memorial Day Weekend 2008

War in Iraq * How Low Can Hillary Clinton Go ? * An Unusual Spring

The good news, if any, is that on this Memorial Day weekend we can be thankful that number of U.S. casualties in Iraq has dropped. On the flip side, one of the reasons is said to be more use of air power -- bombs, rockets -- which means higher civilian casualties. Civilian casualties in Iraq, and Afghanistan, however, have never had much of an impact here in America. Strange, as if the innocent civilians are not part of the human race.

Hillary Clinton Down and Dirty

Freudian slip.....assassination dreaming! Her comment about late Senator Robert Kennedy's assassination in June 1968 as being one of the reasons for her to stay in the race caused a firestorm. After trying to put a spin on it, Mrs. Clinton issued an apology....sort of. The NY Times editorial board has this to say:

Instead, she issued one of those tedious non-apology apologies in which it sounds like the person who is being offended is somehow at fault: “I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation, and particularly for the Kennedy family was in any way offensive.”


The Seasons: A Wintry Spring

Less than a month left before the summer solstice and we continue to have days that feel wintry. In mid-May we had a few days when the temp. reached 100 °F but usually a gusty wind blows through the Peninsula every day and going out in the evening calls for jackets or sweaters.

Bush Lupine, Water Dog Lake
© Musafir

Blue-eyed Grass and Miniature Lupine, Edgewood Park
© Musafir

White Fairy Lantern, Edgewood Park
© Musafir

Morning Glory, Edgewood Park
© Musafir

Yellow Vetch, Edgewood Park

White Thistle, Edgewood Park
© Musafir

Indian Paint Brush, Russian Ridge
© Musafir

Checker Mallow, Russian Ridge
© Musafir

Hawk's Beard, Long Ridge
© Musafir

A runner heading north on Long Ridge Trail
© Musafir

Pink Trillium, Big Basin State Park

© Musafir

White Trillium, Big Basin State Park
© Musafir

Silver Falls, Big Basin State Park
© Musafir

Watsonia, Indrani C's Garden, San Mateo, CA
© Musafir

Matilja Poppy, Indrani C's Garden, San Mateo, CA
© Musafir

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