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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Seasons: Summer is around the Corner

Ten days before summer solstice the weather has become warm and sunny. The wind picks up force in the afternoon but no longer chills the bones.

A good time for runners and walkers. Some spring flowers still to be found, especially in the preserves along skyline. Buckeye trees in full bloom. Last weekend Sarbajit Ghosal and I hiked at Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve. Took Whittemore Gulch down to the creek bed; had our sandwiches and then hiked up Harkins Ridge to return to the North Ridge Parking Lot. Very enjoyable. To the west there was mist hanging over the coastline at Half Moon Bay, so the Pacific was only faintly visible.

Friends starting out on Toyon Trail, Foothills Park, Palo Alto, Ca.
© Musafir

On the Toyon Trail, Foothills Park, Palo Alto, CA.
© Musafir

A Variable Checkerspot, Harkins Ridge Trail
© Musafir

Checkerspots feeding

© Musafir

Wild Blackberries at Harkins Ridge Trail
© Musafir

California Hedge Nettle
© Musafir

Wild Iris, Harkins Ridge Trail
© Musafir

SG looking out toward the Pacific from Harkins Ridge Trail
© Musafir

"That's the best thing about walking, the journey itself. It doesn't matter much whether you get where you're going or not. You'll get there anyway. Every good hike brings you eventually back home."
- Edward Abbey


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