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Sunday, September 21, 2008


News from Fouke, Arkansas

Tony Alamo Christian Church * Electoral College

CNN reported:
A major operation -- "two-year investigation", "about 100 agents" involved. Reverend Alamo should not be judged before he goes through the legal process. He could be innocent.

Who are the members of Reverend Alamo's church ? One gets the impression that they are:

Pro gun rights
Against Women's Rights
Believers in creationism
Rabidly anti gay
Likely to be Republican

In other words, supporters of McCain-Palin presidency.

See Tony Alamo News - Humor

Election 2008

Projections about Electoral College count remain fluid with various polls giving McCain the lead one day and showing Obama ahead the next. The margin is razor thin. This election will be what they describe as a "cliffhanger".


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