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Monday, September 15, 2008


Unblinking and Clueless

50 Days Before November 4th

"Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve."

-- George Bernard Shaw

The excerpt below from Maureen Dowd's Sept.13 column "Bering Straight Talk" in The NY Times made me wonder once again about Palin supporters. There are many, including droves of women who were previously for Hillary Clinton! Amazing. How can women who supported Hillary Clinton turn around and become Palin groupies? Republicans or Democrats, no doubt they are the same women who emptied optical stores of Kawasaki rimless frames after watching Sarah Palin at the convention. Ya Habibi. Sarah Palin stands for nothing that Clinton represents; she lacks Clinton's depth of knowledge, her vision, her position on women's right to choose, and her world view. Yes, Hillary Clinton supported the Iraq War resolution but she never claimed that we were fighting God's war in Iraq.
The quotation was taken by Maureen Dowd from Charlie Gibson's televised interview with Palin. Gibson was "Charlied" ad nauseam but, leaving that aside, was there anything substantial that Sarah Palin said during the interview? It was obvious that she stumbled when Gibson mentioned the Bush doctrine -- she had no clue what he was talking about. She created noise and voters liked what they heard.

But she has assured America that she "won't be blinking". Is that all that we expect from the vice-presidential candidate?


The sad fact is that if the McCain-Palin team wins it will not only be due to the support of hardcore Republicans who became hoarse screaming "Drill, baby drill" but also because of desertion by a large number of Democrats -- call them blue-collar, conservative, unaware, unable to differentiate between issues and sound bites -- who are once again proving vulnerable to scare tactics and the God factor. The sad state of economy; continuing casualties in Bush's war that McCain and Palin champion; spiraling health care costs; and the deteriorating environment mean nothing to them.

And then there is the color of Obama's skin.

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