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Monday, July 21, 2008


Islamic Republic of Iran - Still In Stone Age

Barbaric Islamic Laws

"Under Iran's Islamic law, stoning to death is the punishment for the crime of adultery." Makes you wonder not only about the mullahs and the Ayatollahs who run Iran, but also about the Iranian people. If all Iranians do not actively condone such prehensile laws, they certainly do very little to protest against them. The infamous Spanish Inquisition and the burning of heretics by the Catholic Church occurred more than 500 years ago. Then there was the Holocaust during Hitler's Third Reich. What the Islamic fundos are doing now in the name of god clearly demonstrates that given a chance they are capable of much more evil. What kind of society makes people tolerate such utterly atrocious laws, laws that have no place in today's world. Is it fear or they just don't care ?

Has Zohreh Sefati, considered a great mutjahed (female equivalent of ayatollah), spoken out about this? Not likely, she is married to an ayatollah.

And they have finessed the execution of death by stoning:
  • Under Iran's strict penal code, men convicted of adultery should be buried up to their waists and women up to their chests for stoning. The stones used should not be large enough to kill the person immediately.
Nauseating. It is not Iran's nuclear program that qualifies it for censure and ostracism, it is adherence to such practices that makes it unfit to be a member of the global community. There needs to be worldwide condemnation of the barbaric laws and gross abuse of human rights.

From BBC News - July 20, 2008

Nine face stoning death in Iran

At least eight women and one man are reported to have been sentenced to death by stoning in Iran.

The group, convicted of adultery and sex offences, could be executed at any time, lawyers defending them say.

The lawyers have called on the head of Iran's judiciary to prevent the sentences from being carried out.

'What are we waiting for, gathered in the market-place?
The barbarians are to arrive today."

--C.P. Cavafy


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