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Sunday, January 11, 2009


'Horror' of Gaza


Innocent civilians in Gaza are paying a heavy toll for actions by Hamas. There is world-wide condemnation of Israel's retaliation which greatly exceeds all reasonable responses to rockets launched by Hamas. Israel has full support of the U.S. Government in what it is doing. But what if the USA didn't give the green light to Israel ? Chances are that Israel would not have used its military power without restraint to kill and destroy as it is engaged in doing now.

The world is waiting to see what Barack Obama would do after he is inaugurated as president on January 20th. Would he take a high moral position and do the right thing or, like other American politicians, decide not to displease AIPAC ? We don't have to wait long to find out.

Headline in Guardian.co.uk

"Leading British Jews call on Israel to halt 'horror' of Gaza"

A group of Britain's most prominent Jews has called on Israel to cease its military operations in Gaza immediately, warning that its actions, far from improving the country's security, will "strengthen extremism, destabilise the region, and exacerbate tensions inside Israel".

Describing themselves, as "profound and passionate supporters" of Israel - and supporting its right to defend itself against the "war crime" of Hamas rocket attacks - they added that the current tactics threatened to undermine international support for Israel.

The intervention, in a letter published in today's Observer, came as fears grew that Israel was to launch a "new phase" of its military offensive inside the Gaza strip. Yesterday warplanes dropped leaflets warning Gazans "not to be close to terrorists, weapons warehouses and the places where the terrorists operate". The two-week-old campaign has already killed more than 800 Palestinians, while 13 Israelis have died, three of them civilians killed by Hamas rockets.

Although individual Jewish writers and religious figures have expressed their opposition to the conduct of Operation Cast Lead, the letter represents the most significant break with Israel's tactics from a group of UK Jews.


Use of Incendiary Bombs


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