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Friday, April 10, 2009


Nevada Politicians


Friday Morning Charivari

"Morally bankrupt"....that is what Nevada politicians, who voted against a tax on prostitution service, feel about the world's oldest profession. Another example of pot calling the kettle black. Most of the politicians in Nevada bend over backward to do the bidding of casino owners. No doubt the two-faced lawmakers believe that gambling is a pure and blessed activity! Call them expedient.

Excerpts from Reuters, Apr 9, 2009

CARSON CITY, Nevada (Reuters) - Nevada lawmakers on Thursday defeated a proposed prostitution tax that had won support from brothel owners and working ladies willing to do their part to ease the state's $3 billion budget crisis.

State Senator Bob Coffin, a Democrat, proposed levying a $5-per-customer service tax on patrons of some 20 legal brothels operating in rural Nevada, all of them outside Las Vegas and surrounding Clark County, where prostitution remains outlawed.

But a sharply divided Nevada state Senate committee voted 4-3 on Thursday to kill the tax, which Coffin said would have raised an estimated $2 million a year.

Coffin said similar proposals never went very far in the past due to opposition from legislators who felt that taxing prostitution would further legitimize an industry they regard as distasteful and morally bankrupt.

A bouquet for the working women engaged in prostitution who supported the tax.

Gay Rights

Interesting to see gay rights making progress in different states of the country. Iowa Supreme Court's recent ruling that gay marriage ban is unconstitutional was quite unexpected. A sign of the times. People are no longer unquestioningly accepting arguments about homosexuality being sinful and giving gays full legal rights, including the right to marry, would lead to moral decay that various religious groups have had success with in the past.

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