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Friday, February 27, 2009


States' Rights and the Politics of Pot

Can Death With Dignity Legislation be Far Behind ?

Perhaps we are jumping the gun. The issue might be tied up for years in legislative wranglings. Nevertheless, it is good news that Washington has changed its position on use of marijuana for medical reasons.
Imagine the consternation among the hypocrites who oppose marijuana use for any reason. They walk the straight and narrow path. Smoke cigarettes ? Perhaps some of them do. Drink alcohol ? Oh, yes. Fornicate ? Yes, but only in missionary position, for reproduction, and after a prayer.

Right to Die

It is time to again put a Death With Dignity ballot measure before the people of California. Let's follow the enlightened people of Oregon and do what is right for terminally ill people who do not wish to end their lives stuck to tubes.

Of course, the same bunch that opposes decriminalization of pot will fight it. Money speaks. Barrage of negative advertisements succeeded twice in defeating efforts to pass ballot measures. But, as the song goes "Times, they are a-changing".


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