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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Iraq War - Blair's Deception Exposed

A Pious Liar

The former British prime minister was interviewed by BBC's Fern Britton on December 12th, and is scheduled to appear in early 2010 before the Iraq War Inquiry Committee headed by Sir John Chilcot.

The BBC reported on December 12, 2009:

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is facing strong criticism after he said he would have gone to war in Iraq even if he had known there were not any weapons of mass destruction.


The ex-director of public prosecutions has accused Tony Blair of "sycophancy" towards President Bush.
Sir Ken MacDonald called the 2003 Iraq war a "foreign policy disgrace of epic proportions".
He said the former prime minister had used "alarming subterfuge" to mislead the British people into the conflict.

Tony Blair's comments raised a firestorm in British press, with condemnation by newspapers ranging from the very liberal Guardian to Telegraph, and  the conservative Timesonline.  But there is something "fake" about Sir MacDonald's indignation. Why did he remain silent when Blair was committing the United Kingdom to be an active partner in Bush's war?  Thousands of people marched against the war on the streets in England and other countries; there were many items in the media questioning the justification for war. Was he asleep during that period!   Another politician trying to save his reputation for posterity.

Regardless of the outcry over his comments and the enormous costs of his egotistical decision -- a decision which many feel was primarily motivated by his desire to please G.W. Bush -- Tony Blair is not at risk of facing charges in court.  The Chilcot Committee will do its thing.  Perhaps conclude with some remarks about lack of justification for what Blair did.  And that would be all.  That is how the system works, no different than what goes on in our country, this side of the Atlantic.

Here in America, too, barring a few exceptions politicians of both parties meekly supported the war cooked up by Bush and the neocons.



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