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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A Red-shouldered Hawk and Wild Mushrooms


Rancho San Antonio

After the morning fog dissipated, Valentines Day turned out to be sparklingly clear.   Hikers and runners took advantage of the weather.  It was difficult to find an empty slot in the parking lots at Rancho San Antonio.....another great preserve under Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD). Arani Sinha and I were lucky to get space as a returning hiker pulled out from the lower parking lot.

We took the PG and E (Powerline) trail but did not go all the way up.  Exited on the Farm Bypass 2.1 miles from the parking lot and returned past Deer Hollow Farm on Wild Cat Canyon Trail.

 Creek alongside Wild Cat Canyon Trail, Rancho San Antonio

 A Red-shouldered Hawk at Rancho San Antonio

Wild Mushrooms and Flowers

Forager in the woods

A cluster of Lions' Mane Mushroom ((Hericium erinaceus)

Edible and excellent. Found near Big Basin on Feb 15, 2010..

About five weeks before Spring Equinox,  there are still some chanterelles to be found.  But as the days begin to turn warm they will soon be  gone except in the north coast.

The woods will continue to give pleasure as the display of spring wild flowers begins. 

Indian Warriors at Wunderlich Park



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