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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Weeds, Wild Flowers, Outdoor Statuary - Canada Road, Woodside, CA

A Safe, Scenic Road for Bicyclists * The Family (Club)

On any given day, unless the weather is really beastly,  many bicyclists are to be found on Canada Road between Woodside Road (the town of Woodside) and Hwy 92, a distance of  just over 7 miles. And some hardy souls ride on it even when the weather is beastly. A good ride clears the head , gets  the kinks out from legs. One can stretch the ride  by taking Olive Hill Lane off Canada Road, and then continuing on to Miramontes Road or -- even longer -- to Kings Mountain Road, and then back to Woodside Road.  Great rides no matter which you direction you take.

On weekends and holidays  hoards of bicyclists ride both north and south on  Canada Road, and it is fun to see the faster riders jockeying for position to be in the lead. See Bicycle Sundays (closing of Canada Road to cars) in the web site chainreaction.com

Photographs below were taken during a ride in the last week of January.

Looking west, T-junction Edgewood Road and Canada Road

Plaque about West Union, just south of the Edgewood Road/Canada Road Junction


A field of Oxalis weeds


Well nigh impossible to get rid of, I hated to see them in my yard. But, from a distance they look good.

Flowering Quince

Pyracantha bush - thorny, and the berries are poisonous.

Canada Road, looking north on a work day afternoon..


Outdoor statue, I


Outdoor statue, II

Outdoor statue, III
 Yellow flowers - Don't have a name; researching.
Woodside is where  The Family, a private club formed by employees of The San Francisco Examiner and other newspapers owned by the Hearst organization in protest against banning of Hearst newspapers by The Bohemian Club, has its summer camp.  The main club, originally located at Post Street, San Francisco, was relocated after the 1906 earthquake to corner of  Powell and Bush Streets.


Thanks for sharing the nice pictures. Canada is very famous for flowers and variety of flowers is found in Canada.
Califonia's weather is good for flowers. It is always warm and constant sunshine make flowers happy and healthy.
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