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Sunday, May 06, 2012


The Political Circus - Campaign 2012

183 days before November 6th.

"To dream of one government ending doesn't mean you’ll want the one that comes in its place."
---Nathan Englander, The Ministry of Special Cases

Republicans went through their act to nominate a candidate to challenge the incumbent president.  While formal announcement remains, barring an unforeseen development Mitt Romney is going to be the challenger.  Compared to some of the weird characters that went through roadshows to win the nomination (think Michele Bachman, Herman Cain among others) Romney is sane.  

And is anyone going to miss Newt Gingrich and his wife with the strange hairdo?

As to Barack Obama, the incumbent, he has begun his campaign.  Again, the themes are "Hope and Change".  And "Fear".  Well, we have gone through "Hope and Change". Nothing happened.  Or not much happened that was different from the eight-year presidency of G.W. Bush.   

But "Fear" is something to think about. We have reason to be fearful of what a Republican victory would mean. Things would get much worse.  Another vacancy in SCOTUS would give a Republican administration the opportunity to destroy the balance in the highly politicized court and empower it to re-write the book about government.  One can rest assured that it is not going to be government "for the people" that Abe Lincoln spoke about. 

I'll vote for Barack Obama, not because I like him; not because I think he will do the right thing. Simply because the other will be much worse.



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