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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A Hike Up to Monument Peak (Ed R. Levin County Park, Milpitas, CA)

Easily accessible to residents of South Bay, Ed R. Levin Park offers a lot of activities for adults and children.

Great views, especially for those who walk up the trail. Sandy Wool Lake is stocked with trouts. Play area for kids.

Lack of shade trees on the trails makes hiking unattractive in the warm weather.  For hikers, Spring is the best time to explore the trails.  Wild flowers in abundance add to the pleasure.

On Sunday, April 27th, a friend and I decided to hike up to Monument Peak (elev. 2594').  We had been to the park a few times in the past but never attempted going all the way up.  Sunday was a great day for it. Mild temperature;  sunny and clear sky.  The landscape a lush green after recent rains.  Not a switchback trail, so going up felt strenuous at times.  Encountered few other hikers. We found no marker (signage) at the top!  

Before entering the park, we drove on the winding Calaveras Road (popular with bicyclists) for a few miles to look at Calaveras Reservoir.

Distant view of the trail from Calaveras Road © Musafir

Calaveras Reservoir © Musafir

The yellow patches are fields of wild mustard  © Musafir

Beginning of the trail © Musafir

                              Wild California Poppies © Musafir
Old farm and stable © Musafir

Blue Dick © Musafir

Picnic lunch off the trail © Musafir

Venus Lilly (also known as Thorny Lilly) © Musafir

Poppies and Chia (Salvia columbariae) © Musafir
Trudging up Monument Peak Trail © Musafir
Trail marker -- 2 miles before Monument Peak © Musafir

          A hang glider. At times there are many of them up in the air © Musafir
The park is popular with hang glider pilots who use the service road to access launching pads. © Musafir

Looking down from Monument Peak © Musafir
Sandy Wool Lake © Musafir

Lupines and Blue Dick © Musafir
Blazing Star © Musafir

Close up of Blazing Star, II © Musafir

Grazing area © Musafir


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