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Friday, September 28, 2012


The Political Circus - Republicans' Almost Prurient Obsession With Sexual Lives of Americans

But Do They  Practise What They Preach?

The clock is ticking. 38 days before November 6th. The first debate between the incumbent, Barack Obama, and Republican candidate Mitt Romeny is scheduled to be held October 3rd at Denver.

With all the problems facing our country, a large percentage of Republicans are still fixated on  "non-issues".  Among them, the sexual habits of consenting adults --   pre-marital sex, contraception,  sodomy, homosexuality.  What gives?  One wonders whether Republican men stay away from erectile dysfunction medication.  Not too long ago, former presidential candidate Robert Dole was a spokesman for Viagra.  Yet, when it comes to contraception rights for women, the same group goes ballistic.  Imagine a prayer before; then the missionary position; a prayer after.  Or, probably more like "slam, bam, turn around and snore". No wonder they have Neanderthals like Todd Akin representing them.  Mysoginistic is the right description.  Polls show women voters moving away from the Republican platform.  Rightly so.  

Hypocrisy of Republicans about sex is puzzling.  Ryan is a true believer.  Whether or not Mitt Romney agrees with the ultra conservative wing of the Republican Party, he has to toe the party line. Let's hope the Republican ticket gets buried on November 6th.
“How did sex come to be thought of as dirty in the first place? God must have been a Republican.”
---Will Durst

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