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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


The wonderful, fascinating world of bloggers - Kindred Spirits

Raves, rants, musings, erudite opinions, or just blowing off steam

This post is about fellow bloggers whose sites I visit, some more frequently than others. A few are not very active--haven't posted in recent weeks. Nevertheless, I think their sites are interesting. They are what I call "Kindred Spirits". The list is somewhat eclectic and includes members of academe, students and housewives. Among them a blithe spirit from Lahore,Pakistan (currently attending college in Minnesota); an Iraqi who just completed his dissertation for an architectual degree and writes passionately about what is happening in his country; and a young Iraqi woman, author of Baghdad Burning who has been mentioned in The NY Times and The Guardian,UK.

Prof. Juan Cole is another well-known personality. There is a photographer who publishes fascinating digital images from Bangalore,India, and another who does so from a place near Austin,TX. A young man in Norway who writes about himself, his friends and his family. The subjects cover the gamut from politics to pasta, sexuality to struggle with mental depression. There are retirees and job hunters.

Most of them are in the United States. The common thread that runs between us is perhaps our distaste for the Bush Republicans, the "red state" bigots and what they are doing to our country. There is the blogger from Ft.Lauderdale,FL, without whose encouragement I wouldn't have dared to write about Auschwitz and the Holocaust.

In my list, women outnumber men. That is fine. "A woman has given me strength and endurance, admitted." (D.H. Lawrence)

In some way or other the authors of these blogs made an impact. I say to them: Stay well and keep publishing. Whether you think so or not,the contents are meaningful. Time is a factor but I hope to find other kindred spirits in my journeys through cyber space.

A World of Chaos
Baghdad Burning
Dilettante's Diary
Dutched Pinay
Jeans Voice
Jesus' General
Juan Cole
Mindful Things
raed in the middle
Ronnie LoBello
Tony Hatfield
Where two or more are gathered
Zezrie's Ponderings

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest."
---Elie Wiesel

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