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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


About Patriotism,Politics and Flags

The other side of the Atlantic

Elections in the British Isles are going to take place tomorrow, May 5.

Many of you are aware of the "Daily Kos", the admirable blog by Markos Moulitsas. He appeared in The Guardian,UK, as a guest blogger and wrote about the difference in style of political campaigns in Britain.

"In the US, candidates for any political office prove their loyalty to their nation by putting flags on stage. Lots of them. Sometimes dozens of flags, other times just a couple of REALLY big ones. Every campaign sign sports an American flag while hundreds of people in the audience wave little American flags. Each candidate also wears a lapel pin with a little American flag on it. Because the more they accessorise in red, white and blue, the more, er, they love America. Or something."

Makes you wonder why do we feel the need to make campaigns into circuses ? Why do the citizens of the United Kingdom and Europe feel comfortable without such props ?


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