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Monday, July 25, 2005


The Catholic Church and Women Priests

Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI and Harry Potter

Interesting development. The rebellious action by a few women is not going to cause a chink in the massive fortress called The Vatican. Even among the faithful who do not always agree with the church this will not mean much.

Nevertheless, there is always a first time. In that sense it was a bold move. Nine women defy Vatican.

I found Peter Grafton's "Reading Ratzinger" (The New Yorker July 25,2005) heavy going. Mr. Grafton analyzed the pope's background and positions from various documents and wrote about the direction the pope might take.

It confirmed what I had previously read about the new pope. Catholics should not expect any liberalization of the doctrines. If anything, Pope Benedict will remain intractable on issues that affect those Catholics who find it difficult to adhere faithfully to the teachings of the church.

I was startled to read that a few years back Cardinal Ratzinger "..........endorsed a German critic's attack on the Harry Potter books....."

Mr. Grafton commented:

"A prelate who fears that the 'subtle seductions' of J.K. Rowling will stunt the spiritual growth of young Christians may find it harder than he thinks to take on modernity in all its sprawling strangeness."

Pope Benedict will have plenty of company among the Pentecostal Christians who always find satanic symbols in books and other artistic creations.

You wonder about people who spend time worrying about the evil influence of Harry Potter stories. They claim to represent God and interpret God's views. Really ? Weird.

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