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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Civilian casualties in Iraq - the toll going up and up

Insurgents are not the only ones responsible

The spinmeisters do their thing; stand in front of a board with pointers in their hands and rattle off numbers. It is their job and some of them even believe what they say.

We are now almost two and half years into Operation Iraqi Freedom. What a name! I wonder if the people responsible for creating the name feel good about it. The mounting civilian death toll, however, cannot be hidden under the rug, cannot be disputed. cannot be served with frills. No matter what euphemism (cost of war, collateral damage,etc.) is used to describe it, the number speaks out loud and clear---nearing 25,000 according to IBC report quoted by the BBC.

The lies about Iraq's WMD have long been disproved. Now we are in Iraq to liberate the Iraqis and introduce democratic government. But first we had to use "shock and awe" tactics to soften the insurgents. In the process we killed thousands of civilians. The insurgents seem to come from an endless pool.

We claim that most of the civilian deaths are caused by the insurgents. Not so according to a report on BBC's web site:

"Shock and awe invasions using massive air power and overwhelming force caused a far higher concentration of deaths, injuries and child fatalities than even the intense insurgency we are experiencing now," he said.

"This is a fact which must be taken on board if hearts and minds are ever to be won back.

Iraq's catalogue of death By Robert Greenall

Dossier of Civilian Casualties in Iraq 2003-2005, dated July 18, 2005. The UK-based Iraq Body Count (IBC) includes academics and peace activists.

I wonder if these facts ( and others) are gounds for war crimes charges against several in this administration. Even they must fear so because it was written into the Iraqi constitution that no American can be charged with war crimes based on actions taken during this war.
Not only that, in 2002 the Bush administration withdrew from ratification of the ICC treaty (International Criminal Court).

"The US has vehemently opposed the setting up of the ICC, fearing its soldiers and diplomats could be brought before the court which will hear cases of war crimes and crimes against humanity."
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