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Friday, July 22, 2005


The Seasons

Joel Achenbach's nostalgia for summer
There are days when I write about the season(s). Just think out loud; what I like, what I don't like. Frankly, I love them all. That could very well be due to where I live. Here in the San Francisco Bay area the seasons are milder compared to some other parts of the country. I detest humid weather. We are fortunate to experience low humidity. Except for change in gear there is hardly a break in my routine of outdoor activities. I have heard remarks about the monotony of sunny, blue sky day after day. Well, I'll take that over hot muggy days or wake up to snow and rain few months a year.

A great column by Joel Achenbach appeared in The Washington Post on July 17th. Achenbach's "A Man For One Season" touched on all seasons but ended with nostalgia for summer. "Summer makes him so happy he could just grunt"

The autumnal equinox is two months away but there are signs---almsost imperceptible signs that each passing day is bringing it closer. For some, especially parents with children, the reopening of schools means the end of summer. A few days back a friend and I went for a hike and stopped to have a picnic on the grass. She mentioned noticing when she goes on her early morning walks that lightness in the sky takes longer to appear.

Musafir, it sounds as if your location matches your personality exactly!The weather in your area is conducive to your lifestyle!!!You must be in heaven!!Are there any drawbacks?
Any drawbacks? The answer has to be the high cost of living.
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