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Monday, July 11, 2005


Sleepless in Washington,DC - Fear of Indictments

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could be the dragon slayer

It would not be far from truth to say that some high level officials in the Bush White House are tossing and turning at night. Despite their efforts to stonewall and dodge it, the outing of Valerie Plame remains alive as an issue. In fact it has got legs. That is cause for concern--and fear--for some high level functionaries. Perhaps El Jefe himself has not escaped the vibrations. The specter of indictments being issued not only for breaking law (The Classified Information Protection Act of 2001) but also perjury has become real.

It is to be seen what action Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald will decide to take. This guy is not like the buffoon Kenneth Starr. Kenneth Starr and his team delved into garbage cans and gleefully dished out their findings. The Starr investigation cost us more than $30 million and produced nothing beyond what the checkout counter rags had been printing for years about Bill Clinton's private life. There has not been a single leak from Mr. Fitzgerald's office after he assumed responsibility for the investigation.

Are we going to see Karl Rove frogmarched in cuffs? A few days back I would have said "no way". Now the scenario has changed. That would be a good sight.

Musafir, one can only wish for such an outcome!!!However, I have seen these crafty Republicans deal with crisis before, and they just always seem to get away with everything!!!!

Let's hope this is different!!!!It would be very nice to see Rove cuffed up and put under arrest!!!!I think that would signal to the American people that justice still exists in this country, and NO ONE is above it!!!!
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