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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Attacks against Women's Reproductive Rights Continue

Shape of things to come - Anti-abortion legislations at State Levels
The FDA's announcement to delay the decision about over-the-counter access to Plan B (Morning After Pill) should not have come as a surprise. The Bush Administration is always supportive of the religious right on issues related to sexual habits of Americans. The zealots do not see it as a protective measure against unwanted pregnancy but as a drug that will encourage casual sex. So, Mike Leavitt, Secretary of Health & Human Services, stalwartly rose to defend the FDA.

Plan B might eventually clear the bureacratic and political hurdles but is likely to carry restrictions that would make it dffficult for women to obtain the pills in an emergency....the very situation for which they are intended.

On August 31st, Susan Wood, Assistant FDA Commissioner for Women's Health and Director of the Office of Women's Health, resigned in protest against the agency's decision to delay the ruling on Plan B.

Judge John Roberts and Roe v. Wade

It does not matter what questions he is asked, answers or declines to answer during the confirmation hearings, at this time it appears unlikely that Judge Roberts' appointment to the Supreme Court can be blocked. Judge Roberts is not going to be a surprise like Justice Souter. He has been vetted and the conservatives know that they can depend on him not to be the balancing force that Justice O'Connor was. His opinion on privacy rights is on record.

Marie Cocco wrote in Newsday:
The fundamentalist Christians, however, are not idly waiting for the demise of Roe v. Wade. They are busy enacting legislation at state levels to curtail women's reproductive rights. Ceci Connolly's report in The Washington Post, Aug.29,2005, reveals that their record is impressive.
One wonders about the women of the states where anti-abortion legislations are being enacted. Do majority of them support what is happening? Are all of them chaste, strong in their belief that they and their sisters, daughters, friends will never be faced with an unwanted pregnancy?

Or are they unaware of the implications?


Newsday: Marie Cocco - Pill Politics and Roberts
Washington Post: Ceci Connolly - Access to abortion pared at State Level

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