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Saturday, October 15, 2005


For or Against Harriet Miers - Democrats In A No Win Situation

Choice between the proverbial "A Rock and a Hard Place"

Charles Babington writes in the Washington Post that : "While the turmoil on the right offers Democrats a tantalizing opportunity, party strategists said, it also will confront them with a difficult choice: Confirm a conservative with close ties to President Bush, or oppose her and join ranks with hard-right activists who historically are their arch enemies." Yes, a difficult decision to make. Anywho nurses the thought that Ms Miers, Bush Groupie No.1, is going to disappoint him is out of touch with reality. No, if confirmed, Harriet Miers will enable the president to include her, along with Scalia and Thomas, as a "strict constructionist". We know what that means.

I think if Harriet Miers is confirmed then the Democrats win. The conservative base will have a constant reminder how Bush isn't really one of them. Or that is what they will think.
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