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Friday, October 14, 2005


Injured U.S. Soldiers

They deserve better
I read The Post article For Injured U.S. Troops, 'Financial Friendly Fire' with a sense of bewilderment. On top of the pain and, in some cases, physical limitations, injured soldiers are facing financial hardship due to arbitrary bureaucratic procedures. Excerpt from Donna St. George's report: "But nine months after Loria was wounded, the Army garnished his wages and then, as he prepared to leave the service, hit him with a $6,200 debt. That was just before last Christmas, and several lawmakers scrambled to help. This spring, a collection agency started calling. He owed another $646 for military housing."

Where are the officials who sent them to Iraq? Do something.

The Death Toll

According to icasualties.org, the total for U.S. soldiers is now at 1966.

"For me war has become a flat, black depression without highlights, a revulsion of the mind and an exhaustion of the spirit.
---Ernie Pyle (1900-1945), American journalist who covered World War II.

Ernie Pyle died from sniper's bullets in Ie Shima, Japan, 18th April 1945.

Have you seen "Beyond Treason"yet? Its terrible what we do to our vets, and the way we "love em then leave em" is disgraceful. I am going to link to this in my sections this week on Depleted Uranium -
We have to get the messages on this out there.
I started posting on DU issues and welcome your resources and feedback. (http://greenlilypad.blogspot.com/) I also added some of your quotes with link to you. We have to get this information out there. Its tragic.
Speaking of tragic, I watched (again) "Hijacking Catastrophe". Have you seen it?
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