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Sunday, October 09, 2005


A Turbulent Autumn in Foggy Bottom

Ah, the hubris - Frist and DeLay are not alone

"Hubris on the Hill", Ruth Marcus' column in The Washington Post makes good reading. She wrote about the ethical problems facing Bill Frist and Tom DeLay. They invited trouble, especially DeLay whose arrogance greatly exceeded that of Dr. Frist's. They have no one to blame but themselves. There are others on both sides of the aisle in Congress who suffer from monumental egos. The White House and Cabinet offices do not lack them either. It is the nature of the beast. Politics and humility do not mix.

The death toll of American soldiers nearing the 2000 mark. The hubris of a handful of people created the mess that is Iraq. They continue to offer platitudes and keep the spectre of terrorism alive to justify their miscalculation.

Then there is the controversial nominee for the seat of retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Despite the brouhaha the president is confident that Harriet Miers would be confirmed. Don't see the Republicans going to the extent of voting against her. There is too much at stake. After all the president has delivered on most of the issues close to the heart of the conservatives. The president is hurting on several fronts. David Broder in The Washington Post wrote about "Bush's Fraying Presidency". If his support continues to drop then Republican members in the House and Senate will suffer from the domino effect. Last thing they want. So, they might have doubts about her fitness but they will vote to confirm Harriet Miers. I strongly suspect that Ms. Miers will follow the playbook of Justices Scalia and Thomas....the president's favorites.


Hi, wanted to check out your musings but have been so busy... I am not sure what to make of good ol' Harriet, but the coverage is interesting in a revealing sort of way....
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