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Monday, October 31, 2005


Texas Dodge 'em - Bush played the Alito Card

The hollow man lived up to his record
Dan Froomkin's White House Briefing in the Washington Post, Oct.31, 2005, covered it well. "All The Prosecutor's Hints" summarizes the situation for those who have not paid close attention to Patrick Fitzgerald's press conference last Friday, October 28th. It is not going to make the Bushies happy but the bottom line is that for Karl Rove and others there are uneasy days and nights ahead. Fitzgerald is not done with the investigation, not yet. So, the president's move to deflect attention and resurrect his support with his core support group bought him some time but nomination of Alito is not going to protect the White House from issues that Bush and his staff would rather see buried.

Casualties in Iraq

The October death toll for American soldiers in Iraq reached 94....the highest since January of this year. It was reported by Radio Free Europe that 26 Iraqi civilians were killed during an air attack near the Syrian border. Many American don't give a damn about Iraqi civilians but let us bear in mind that the deaths of innocent civilians (collateral damage according to our non-combatant officials) have an impact on reaction of the Iraqi people.

I think we can safely call the first supereme court nominee a red herring at this point.
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