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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Hogs at the trough - The Hypocrites in Congress

Buyer's remorse !
Shailagh Murray in The Washington Post: "The highway bill seemed like such a good idea when it sailed through Congress this summer. But now Republicans who assembled the record spending package are suffering buyer's remorse." Really ? So the Republican members of the Congress are having second thoughts after ramrodding the "Bridge to Nowhere" appropriations bill which the president signed....and probably smirked while doing it. They gleefully ate their cake and are now having problem digesting it.


I followed the trail back to here from your post to saynotopombo.

There are even Republicans who are revolting. I had a call from retired congressman Pete McCloskey who is seeking a Republican to run against Pombo, note expecting to beat him, but to bruise him a bit so that someone else will deliver the KO. McCloskey feels that DeLay and Young and Pombo are destroying the Republican Party while they are destroying our national heritage and the American economy.

BTW, I listen to "Latin Jazz" on KCSM FM every Sunday.
Thanks. I remember Pete McCloskey when he served as a congressman representing the San Mateo district.
He was a marathoner. Wonder if he still runs; I do, creaking bones and all.
Well maybe they can build a bridge from Capital Hill to REALITY.
All we need in the aftermath of Katrina, mounting debt, and war is even more ridiculous spending.
But the contractors we pay to do everything rip us off as well, with no accountability. The American people have essentially given the government a credit card with no spending limit.
Hey, talk more about the "Latin Jazz".
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