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Sunday, November 13, 2005


There is hope for Moderates

Their voices beginning to make an impact
Reason to cheer. The Washington Post report by Claudia Deane and Chris Cillizza reads "In the most recent ABC News poll, 44 percent of GOP moderates said that conservative religious groups have "too much influence" in the Bush administration, compared with 17 percent who thought those groups didn't hold enough sway. About a third saw religious conservatives as appropriately influential." It took a while but more and more Americans are questioning the Bush administration's outright support of the Christian right. To paraphrase the saying about the Moral Majority, "it is neither Christian nor right". G.W. Bush, the Born Again Christian, aligned himself with the zealots because he felt they held the key to the White House. Having let the Genie out of the bottle the president lost control of it. The fundamentalists took over and the president became their pawn.

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