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Monday, December 19, 2005


Same Sex Weddings - Across the Atlantic, Walls Come Tumbling Down

Belfast, Northern Ireland * Scotland * Wales * England
"Two women today became the first same-sex couple to use the UK's new civil partnership laws to publicly register their commitment at a ceremony. Shannon Sickels, 27, and Grainne Close, 32, recorded the historic union at Belfast city hall this morning." The Guardian,UK

Like it or not, there is a wave of such unions to follow--almost 700 of them in England and Wales on Wednesday, 21st December. Yes, there were some protesters; the usual sin and damnation crowd. "The protesters, who gathered outside the city hall, demonstrated against the "sin" of homosexuality and the new legislation. They heckled Ms Close as she arrived for the ceremony. She told one protester: "God bless you ... I'll see you at the gates of heaven."

One can imagine the wrath of the fundamentalist Christians in this country. Nothing they can do but curse the nations that permit such unions. If a major natural disaster hits the British Isles it will be ascribed to punishment for sinful lifestyle. I have a feeling that marriages between same sex couples will soon be old hat. Life will go on as usual.

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