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Friday, February 03, 2006


Cartoonists Under Fire - Off with their heads


While Muslims all over the world are clamoring for reprisals against the artist and publications that printed cartoons about Prophet Mohammed, one of our own, Tom Toles of the Washington Post, received some flak over a cartoon published on Sunday January 29th. The drawing which depicted a wounded soldier and Secretary Rumsfeld, drew a letter to the Post from the Jt. Chiefs of Staff. Under a dictatorship or a theocracy the consequence could have been dire.

WASHINGTON -- Military leaders angrily denounced as "beyond tasteless" a Washington Post editorial cartoon featuring a likeness of a severely wounded soldier and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld as an attending doctor who says, "I'm listing your condition as `battle hardened.'"

The cartoon by Tom Toles.

On a lighter vein, check out the Toles' cartoon in today's Post.

More deaths in Iraq
In other news, we lost six soldiers in Iraq in the first two days of February and we (our smart bombs) killed a few more innocent Iraqi civilians. BBC:
  • In Sadr City, the father of Ikhlas Abd al-Hussein said his 20-year-old daughter had been killed when the helicopter fired a missile at her house, blasting a hole through the roof.
  • Abd al-Hussein Shanuf said another woman and a two-year-old child had also been injured.
  • One report attributed to a US spokesman said four people had been killed in the air strike.

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