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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Bush and Earth Day! There is a Disconnect

President Bush, the Environmentalist * Golfing Congressmen

The records are clear and abundant. The Bush Administration is no friend of the environment. But,like a chameleon, the president changes colors to suit the situation. And so he promoted alternative fuel on Earth Day. "With gas prices at $3 a gallon, Bush said the best way for the nation to end its addiction to foreign oil is to make a transition more quickly to vehicles that run on renewable and domestically produced energy."

Tom DeLay went to play at St. Andrews in Scotland. Cannot blame Tom Reynolds for liking Pebble Beach. The view is breathtaking. Great golf course."The ethical furnace keeps getting hotter for House Republicans. Even Rep. Tom Reynolds, who heads the GOP reelection effort, is feeling some heat. The four-term New Yorker is being targeted by a liberal watchdog group, New Yorkers for a Cleaner Congress, for taking "more lobbyist-funded luxury trips outside of western New York in the last three years than he has returned home to western New York." The group singles out jaunts to Pebble Beach, Calif., by Reynolds that have totaled $205,185 over five years." While Republicans enjoy a more cozy relationship with them, Democrats are not immune from the insidious influence of lobbyists.

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