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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


News From Here and There

Berlusconi vs Prodi * Price of Oil and the Stock Market * End of Reverend Robertson's Empire

Oil, How High Will It Go

An item in Yahoo Finance reads: "Skilling Speaks, and Oil Spikes. Enron's former chief declares his innocence. Oil prices surge on fears of a military strike on Iran." President's friends on Wall Street are not happy about news of plans for a first strike against Iran and neither are ordinary Americans across the country. High price of oil affects us all although I have no sympathy for those who drive ugly behemoths.

Uncertainy Over Polls in Italy

Romano Prodi, leader of the center-left party, is claiming victory but the very narrow margin (49.8% for Prodi to 49.7% for Berlusconi) raises questions about the final outcome. Allegations of irregularity have been made. Silvio Berlusconi,an autocratic buffoon, is a survivor, adept at dirty tricks. He has been a strong ally of President Bush. This morning the Italian financial market fell almost 1%.

Pat Robertson and the Christian Coalition

Soon after the fall of Tom DeLay comes news that Rev. Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition is facing money crunch. What went wrong? "The once-mighty Christian Coalition, founded 17 years ago by the Rev. Pat Robertson as the political fundraising and lobbying engine of the Christian right, is more than $2 million in debt, beset by creditors' lawsuits and struggling to hold on to some of its state chapters." Apparently, higher powers have not come to his aid and his followers are holding on to their wallets. With his valiant work to spread the Lord's words and tireless campaign on behalf of conservative Republicans one would think that he deserves a Federal bail out. Right now the president has other things on his mind. Once the dust settles--if the dust settles--perhaps he would take care of the reverend.

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