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Friday, May 26, 2006


Gallery of Rogues

Lay, Skillings, Ebbers, Kozlowski, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan et al.

Another trial of corporate fraudsters ended with guilty verdicts. Except for the families of Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skillings no one will shed tears for them.

There are more, many more. John Schoen's article in MSNBC sums it up well. "“The imbalance between the incentive to cheat and the cost for cheating were so great that you got away with scandals,” he said. “That balance is closer (today), but it doesn’t mean we'’re going to eliminate scandal.” In one mushrooming current scandal, federal authorities are investigating stock options granted to top executives at several companies to determine whether those options were backdated to increase the value of those options."

A few other big names who were found guilty of corporate fraud.

Bernard Ebbers, Worldcom Corp.
Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco International
Sanjay Kumar, Computer Associates

Giants of banking and brokerage industries penalized for helping Enron to manipulate earnings:

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Settlement negotiations continuing with:

Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.
Barclays P.L.C.
Toronto-Dominion Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
Deutsche Bank AG
Royal Bank of Scotland Group P.L.C.


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