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Thursday, November 09, 2006


President and Barney - Good News Comes in Spades

Defeat for George Allen in Virginia * Defeat for Richard Pombo in California

11:05 AM Pacific time

Senate goes to Democrats. What is the vice president (tiebreaker) to do? Gnash his teeth and shoot someone or something. All of a sudden there are reports about a "changed president". Huh ! The man is scrambling to salvage what he can. He either plays ball with Congress or spends the remaining term of his presidency with Barney, the dog.

Sen. George Allen will concede the Virginia race to Democrat Jim Webb, giving Democrats a majority vote in the U.S. Senate, CNN.

And in the 11th Congressional District of California, Richard Pombo (who never met a polluter he didn't like) was defeated by newcomer Jerry McNerney despite (or perhaps because of) personal appearance by President Bush and a barrage of negative ads against McNerney.

The San Francisco Chronicle (Editorial 11/9/06)

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