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Saturday, November 11, 2006


You too, God !

Our President and the so called "Christian Right"

After the election of 2004, I wrote:

"Post election ruminations in a Judeo-Christian Land
Slouching towards fundamentalism.

"The message from voters could not be more clear. The majority did not give a hoot about real issues. They elected a hollow man to lead the nation for another four years. They remained blissfully oblivious of his lies and embraced him for his religious position. How could John Kerry, a Catholic, compete against that, especially when Catholic priests were exhorting their parishioners not to vote for any candidate who supports women's right to choose? And then there was fear of terrorism in the home land. Again, it was George Bush and his talk about god and America that resonated."

How good it feels to see a reversal. There were signs that cracks were appearing in the president's Christian base (one of his "core" support groups). The man who alluded to being told by God to go to war, was facing problems with the lies and deceptions that came to light. The costs (casualties and waste of our money) could not be brushed aside. Wonder if the weasely president,who is now turning somersaults to salvage the remaining two years of his term, feels like Julius Caesar -- "Et tu, Brute" after being deserted by the Christian Right. In "Democrats Win Bigger Share of Religious Vote", Alan Cooperman of the Washington Post comments about the religious vote.
"Bigotry is the sacred disease"
---Heraclitus (544-483 BC)


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