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Friday, March 30, 2007


Who Will Blink First ?

The battle over the Iraq appropriations bill is heating up. President Bush has made it clear that he intends to veto it. And the strategy for winning public support will be to emphasize the pork included in the bill (see below). True that one man's pork could mean bread on the table for another. However, even as a supporter of troop withdrawal deadlines I feel uncomfortable about some of the "other spending measures". While the American public has become tired of the war and lost faith in the president, how will the veto play out is a question mark. Democrats are not likely to be able to muster the two-thirds majority to override it.

Washington Post

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Overriding Presidential Veto

Override of a veto - The process by which each chamber of Congress votes on a bill vetoed by the President. To pass a bill over the President's objections requires a two-thirds vote in each Chamber. Historically, Congress has overridden fewer than ten percent of all presidential vetoes.


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