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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Bloggers for Bush - Treacly Stuff

Tinkling in the White House

So far in this month of September 49 American soldiers have died in Iraq.

Dan Froomkin writes in the Washington Post about "Bush's Battlefield Envy".
What next! But more than the president's words what struck me were the comments posted by the "mil bloggers".

Ward Carroll of military.com wrote that Bush "grew very emotional as he made a linkage between his father's service in World War II and the fact that Japan is now an ally and then said, 'I've had meetings with the prime minister of the country he fought.' He actually teared up as he said that."

" CJ," an active-duty soldier and blogger, wrote: "Being right next to him, I caught a single tear attempt to roll down his left cheek before he casually wiped it away."

Matthew Burden, a former Army officer who blogs under the name Blackfive, wrote: "The President was very intelligent, razor sharp, warm, focused, emotional (especially about his dad), and genuine."

Overall, Burden wrote: "[I]t was very cool. The President of the United States slapped my hand and called me "brutha". Top that."

" Mrs. Greyhawk" of the Mudville Gazette wrote: "It was history in the making. This alone was awe-inspiring and I did have to concentrate hard to keep from having an idiotic grin on my face thru out the meeting, especially since we were all discussing serious issues.

"Unfortunately, I did not get to say much since the President gave very long but thought provoking answers to the important questions given him [by] others."

Mrs. Greyhawk added another highlight: "I tinkled in the Whitehouse."

No, we cannot top that; shouldn't even try. But there is veteran reporter Helen Thomas to bring us down to earth.

Washington Post

In a June 14 briefing, Hearst columnist Helen Thomas asked press secretary Tony Snow if there were "any members of the Bush family or this administration in this war?" Snow's response: "Yes, the President. The President is in the war every day."

Thomas said she meant "on the front lines." Snow replied: "The President."

Ya Habibi! Think how valiantly G.W. Bush served during the Vietnam war.

We needed GWB during vietnam when he went AWOL. I think this site is crapola.
"......this site is crapola". That is a matter of opinion. The comments above give the impression that the
writer does not like President Bush.
Neither does the blogger. Read it again....slowly from the beginning.
Following from today's NY Times very aptly describes President Bush:
September 22nd,
7:28 am

It seems that the actions of Mr.Bush as president are consistent with his actions in the military. He is AWOL.

— Posted by Pete
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