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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Taking Back the Republic "One ditch at a time"


On Sunday morning when the talking heads do their thing on the networks, I do my surfing on the Internet. Follow pretty much the same route: The Washington Post, NY Times, The Guardian/Observer (UK), LA Times; and, occasionally, The Chicago Tribune and Christian Science Monitor.

"Every week one Texan soldier dies in Iraq and 10 are wounded. Gary Younge reports on how war is affecting Bush's home state"

Reading Gary Younge in The Guardian -- A week in the War in Texas, October 6, 2007, I was struck by the following:
  • "Over at Camp Casey, less than a mile from the Peace House, Carl Rising-Moore is out of jail and back holding the fort. "So long as George W Bush is coming to Texas, I plan to live either here or in jail," he says. "I don't know whether I'm delusional - that's possible - but my dream is that the American people wake up out of their slumber. And if they wake up in time, they can save the republic."
  • And, with that, he headed out, in the searing heat of late afternoon, to "take back" the ditch in the name of peace and the republic.
More power to Carl Rising-Moore. Yes, the neocons are plotting nefarious scenarios of more deaths, destructions, and profit for them and their friends. But people are beginning to question their policies and the harm they have done. The voice of Carl Rising-Moore counts.
The Brits,too, were conned into the war by former prime minister Tony Blair. Among comments about Blackwater by Guardian readers I found this:
  • "The Iraq adventure is the most flagrant violation to democratic rules and basic human relations. Of course it has to do with oil, and of course it has to do with keeping competitors away from it but that does not justify the loss of our most priced values, that is what make us different from the Mafiosi; when we need milk, we do not breach into the nearest grocery store, kill the owner and its family and take the milk, that is what civilization is all about. Now they want to destroy Iran to preserve some kind of hegemony but they do not see that the world sees what is happening, maybe they will succeed in bombing this time but in the long run the consequences may not be as bright. Blackwater and their abominable actions is just an aberration of democracy, yes, thanks to privatization the administration can commit their crimes without having to report to congress, but the world is watching. No one can stand above justice forever, Stalin could not do it, Hitler could not do it..junior will never make it!"


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