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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Summer, Fog, and Golden Gate Bridge

Summer arrived and with it a heat wave. Last week, temperature in many parts of the San Francisco Peninsula climbed over 100 degrees°F (38°C). The weekend, however, turned out to be pleasant. By Saturday evening one could feel the cooling effect of the coastal fog. Four days later, it felt almost wintry when I went out for a run this evening in my neighborhood in San Mateo.

On Sunday, June 22nd, it was pleasant walking on the Coastal Trail beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge was enshrouded in fog, barely visible from some points. Wild flowers still abundant along the path.

Golden Gate Bridge, I
© Musafir

Golden Gate Bridge, II
© Musafir

Golden Gate Bridge, III

© Musafir

Wild Flowers (Who's got a name?)
© Musafir

© Musafir

© Musafir

A water bug named Naya
© Musafir
Summer night

Summer night--
even the stars
are whispering to each other.

--Kobayashi Issa

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