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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Sarah Palin Didn't Blink, She Winked

Some Like it Cute * Palin and Medicare Program * McCain. the Mud Wrestler

She winked, shrugged, dodged the questions and, yet, some people thought that she more than made up for her interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric which exposed her lack of knowledge about today's world. Comments that she was "like a wound up doll" very aptly described Sarah Palin on Thursday evening. Cute and perky maybe, but it is not a cheerleader's position that she is aiming for .

Her supporters, who loved her mention of remarks by late President Reagan, didn't have a clue that Reagan was talking about his opposition to the Medicare program. Many of them will howl like stuck pigs if they are deprived of the benefits. Maybe the Kenyan bishop who exorcised witches during blessing of Sarah Palin will be invited to pray for them.

If Palin, and the handlers who coached her for the debate, knew what Reagan was talking about then one can assume that they think that the program is another entitlement that should be done away with.

See Raising the White Flag of Surrender -- to Medicare

McCain, Beware of Witch Doctors

"No holds barred"? You can say that again. 29 days before November 4th, John McCain is demonstrating what down and dirty means. He is going to outdo the Swift Boaters; show that he can wrestle in the mud.

Are the voters going to be swayed by the dirty tricks? One never knows. If they do, we could have the first cute and perky woman vice president. McCain would be well-advised to get some voodoo for himself to ward off prayers of Palin's witch doctor.

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