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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The End of Summer Feeling

Still a month away but the sense that another summer is rushing past is undeniable. Perhaps it is the re-opening of schools that makes us feel that way....a change in routine, especially for parents with school-going kids. For the first week, or for a few days at least, there is awareness of something different, a yearning for things to stay as they were and then we adjust to the new routine.

Pajaro Dunes, where every August a group of us gathers for a week, was very pleasant. The sun came up every day; it was warm -- unusual. The sky was affected by smoke from the Lockheed fire raging in the Bonny Doon area about 30 miles away. That didn't prevent us from enjoying long walks on the beach or from going out for runs; good food, wine, and conversation. You don't want it to end but, of course, it does.

Building sand castle, Pajaro Dunes, California

Watching shooting stars (Perseid Meteor showers), Pajaro Dunes, California

Cartwheeling, Pajaro Dunes, California

Walkers, Pajaro Dunes, California

Runners, Pajaro Dunes, California

Horseback rider, Pajaro Dunes, California

Sunset over the Pacific, Pajaro Dunes, California

This world--
call it an image
caught in a mirror--
real it is not,
not unreal either

---From Twentyfour Tanka by Minamoto No Sanetomo (1192-1219)
Translated by Hiraoki Sato and Burton Watson, The Country of Eight Islands


Hello Musafir. It brings a smile to my face to see that you are still blogging. I remember following your blog a long time ago.

I remember in particular, a post in which you talked about going for a jog and seeing a man that you really did not know personally, but he blurted out to you that his father had died.

I remember thinking how much sadness and pain that man must have felt to share that with you. Well, I now know that pain as my wife recently passed away.

Just like that man, I feel the need to express it. We both used to read your blog because of the sense of peace and level headedness we both got from it.

Keep up the good works.
First, my sympathies for your loss. I can imagine how hard it is to be without your wife with whom you shared your life.

Many thanks for your comments.

I moved away from the town where I used to live, and no longer see the man who spoke to me about the death of his father. But I think of him on some days when I run.

Stay well.
Thank you.
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