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Saturday, March 20, 2010


First Day of Spring 2010


Univ. of Montana
"On the Spring Equinox the Sun rises exactly in the east travels through the sky for 12 hours and sets exactly in the west. On the Equinox this is the motion of the Sun through the sky for everyone on earth. Every place on earth experiences a 12 hours day twice a year on the Spring and Fall Equinox."
--Univ of Montana

Officially, the Vernal Equinox begins today at 4:32 PM on the West Coast (1:32 PM EST). 

For us in San Mateo County, cloudy weather in the forecast for two more days.  Feels cool after yesterday's temperature in the high 80's.    But soon, warm, sunny days will be the norm.  The valleys are green and inviting; wild mushrooms are gone but wild flowers are coming out.  It is the season to be out, to tend to gardens, to hike and run on the trails.  Ah, Spring.  Make the most of it.

"One thing I remember
 Spring came on forever,
 Spring came on forever,"
 Said the Chinese Nightingale.

 --Vachel Linday, "The Chinese Nightingale"

Violet Lupines alongside Hwy 35, near Sawyer Trail

Mallows at Sweeney Ridge

Distant view of Golden Gate Bridge from Sweeney Ridge 


Field of Mustard Greens near Skyline College, Pacifica 


Seaside Daisys near Rockaway Beach
Footstep of Spring (Sanicula arctopoides) near Rockaway Beach

Daffodils at Arastradero Preserve 

Johnny Jump Ups at Russian Ridge
Common Eucrypta at Russian Ridge


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