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Friday, July 18, 2014


Why Do People Who Fish Have a Tendency to Despoil the Environment ?

A recent day at Henry Hagg Lake, about 25 miles southwest of Portland, Oregon, drove home the point that when it comes to leaving a mess behind the Oregonians are no better than those who fish in California.

Found discarded water and beer bottles, food containers, plastic bags, and fishing tackles. You wonder about the state of their homes.  But perhaps they believe in the right to leave garbage in public places and keep their homes clean. 

Scumbags, I

Scumbags, II

Scumbags, III

What makes them turn a nice cove into a garbage dump and go home at the end of the day without giving a damn about others is a mystery.  Posted signs "Pack It In - Pack It Out" are very visible.  Perhaps they cannot read.

Hikers and backpackers don't do it.  Bicyclists don't do it. Some picnic grounds show the effects of piggish behavior but not as much as fishing spots.

In California, apart from those who fish, commercial mushroom pickers are the only ones that leave a lot of detritus behind them.  


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