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Saturday, May 07, 2005


God is a Republican

"Insanity Fair"?

One could see it coming.

Pastor Chan Chandler of East Waynesville Baptist Church in Waynesville,NC, expelled nine members of his congregation because they "didn't support President Bush". The pastor's action received support from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. An official informed the Ashville-Citizen Times that "a pastor had every right to disallow memberships if a church's bylaws allow for the pastor to establish criteria for membership"!

This is a step beyond the position taken by the Catholic church before the election of 2004 to deny sacrament to those who supported abortion rights for women.

What next?

You could lose your job because of politicial affiliation
You could be refused admission in school
You could be refused tenancy

Repent, all you sinners and show your support for the holy rollers. Change your voter registration otherwise you'll be punished by the vengeful Republican God. There is additional incentive. You'll not be "left beind"; the countdown to Armageddon has started.

It is a bit early but think I'll pour myself a glass of the house plonk.

Guardian-Democrats Voted out of Church

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