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Thursday, May 05, 2005


The havoc that Nader wrought

And Blair vs. the Tories

A fellow blogger AmericanOL raised the following question:

"the conflict here for many is that Blair was wrong on Iraq, but as a world leader he is much closer to the likes of clinton than bush anyday. would you rather have a conservative thatcher or a labour blair? or, do you agree that blair should pay for his illegal war regardless by losing his PM spot?"

If I were a British citizen I would have considered voting for the Liberal Democrats but most certainly not if that meant the remotest chance of a victory for the Tories.

Four and half years after the 2000 election it still rankles that an old has been, driven by ego, made it possible for the ultraconservative Bush administration to come into power.

There were other factors: (1) voters who were disenfranchised; (2) voting systems and procedures that "malfunctioned"; (3) the party-line United States Supreme Court vote declaring George W. Bush the winner.

Nevertheless, The Nader votes were one of the key factors in Florida, and Florida would have given Al Gore the electoral college votes needed to win. Do the Naderites think about it? Ralph Nader's abject performance in the 2004 election showed that he had lost his core supporters but he still went through the motions. And this is a man that I one time held in high esteem. How he fell!

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