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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Texas - "Onward Christian Soldiers"

God in the classsroom, God in the bedroom.....and what it has achieved for Texas
It is Texas where the Christian Right has succeeded in including bible studies to high school curriculum. Looking at the statistics about this state one gets the impression that it does not have a record of being a shining example to others. Perhaps bible studies would improve the situation. One thing for sure there is a lot of room for improvements.

" HOUSTON, July 31 - When the school board in Odessa, the West Texas oil town, voted unanimously in April to add an elective Bible study course to the 2006 high school curriculum, some parents dropped to their knees in prayerful thanks that God would be returned to the classroom, while others assailed it as an effort to instill religious training in the public schools.

Hundreds of miles away, leaders of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools notched another victory. A religious advocacy group based in Greensboro, N.C., the council has been pressing a 12-year campaign to get school boards across the country to accept its Bible curriculum." (NY Times Aug.1, 2005).

Facts about the State of Texas (rank in the nation):
Source: Alan Guttmacher Institute

How Often Does a Teenager in Texas Get Pregnant?
What are the Outcomes?
Source: Texas, Dept. of State Health Services
Source: Texas Dept of Criminal Justice
Source: Shapleigh.org

These are very interesting figures Musafir.I did see something about this on a news program.I think that this is a perfect example why there must be separation of church and state!!!

Thanks for the information.
It will be very interesting to see if the Biblical Studies classes has any influence on these statisic.
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